10 Things You Can Do Now To Lose Weight


It’s never too late to start when it comes to losing weight.

Here are 10 of the easiest ways to start to shrink your tummy and slim down.

1. Most importantly you have got to get your calorie intake under control.
2. Cut out or greatly diminish your soda or alcohol intake.
3. Do some yoga or at minimum crunches while watching television each day.
4. Throw an extra small workout in, a simple walk around the block with your dog after dinner.
5. Drink more water with lemon. It has been proven to help slim you down and keep your metabolism working well.
6. Force yourself to go at least 3-4 hours between eating meals. Try to limit each meal to 300-400 calories maximum.
7. Clean your house by squatting to do any of it. Squat to pick up each individual item off the ground.
8. Keep a calorie log book. Just writing it down makes you accountable for each bite.
9. Drink coffee when you start to get hungry or are looking for a snack.
10. Keep many low calorie veggies and fruits on hand to make a snack or make a low cal smoothie.

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