ACV Helped Me Lose Weight!

So, we are now on day 23 of the acv challenge and I must say it really works to help you lose weight. I feel thinner in my middle section, and I am now down about 7 pounds. I am really happy even with a 7 pound weight lose in 3 weeks if that weight will stay gone! I still have at least 40 lbs to go, but this is really the first new year that I have tried hard to lose weight and stuck with it.

Today, however, was a disaster. In those 3 weeks I have been having a less than normal appetite, but today I can’t quit eating junk! I ate a pop tart earlier in the day, then some more bad things, pasta for dinner. Let’s just call today my cheat day. I gotta dive straight back in tomorrow and try to do better!!

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ACV Challenge Day 7 & 8

I do believe the acv challenge is turning into a month long challenge most likely. I decided to keep drinking the apple cider vinegar fat burning drink for longer since it has been pretty easy.

I have have been consistently drinking 2-3 servings a day of apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice, honey and cinnamon. My husband also has stuck this challenge out and has kept doing it.

Do we think it works? The verdict is still out. Not sure if drinking the acv fat burning drink has really burned any fat though. However, we have not been strict with our diet, but we are definitely watching calories the best we can.

Some articles/websites claim you can just drink this apple cider vinegar drink and lose weight without dieting. Other sources say you have to eat a certain diet along with the acv drink to burn calories. I have also seen people say just drink nothing but this drink for a few days as a cleanse. Don’t do that! Obviously if you just drink liquid for even 2 days with no real calories you will lose a lot of weight regardless, but it won’t stay off.

I like doing this acv diet because it really helps curb my appetite. I have noticed my husband is not snacking at night or during the day as well. I dont feel hungry at all for a good 2-3 hours or more after I drink it.

Overall verdict: the apple cider vinegar will help me lose weight in the long run because of the appetite suppressant effects.

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ACV Challenge Day 4 & 5

Day 4 and 5 of the acv challenge went well. I’m proud that I am still doing it! I have not been mixing the apple cider vinegar fat burning drink with any other drinks. It made me not so gung-ho about drinking the drink. I would always end up putting in too much water to flavor my mix in packet, or to dilute the taste. I kinda struggled to finish the drink. So I decided to just stick with the shooter scenario. It is much easier to get it over with and the after taste wasn’t so bad.

One thing I did notice was that if I tried to drink it on an empty stomach I felt somewhat nauseated. So I started to drink it in between meals instead of before. I don’t know if this messes up the digestion and fat burning process, but it is so much easier. Also by doing it that way I legitimately had no cravings, I didn’t wander into the kitchen all afternoon to find a snack. I’m telling you the appetite suppressant part of the acv is definitely true! The reason is probably because the acv controls your blood sugar so you are not having a blood sugar roller coaster.

I stood on the scale for the first time yesterday and was horrified. So I still don’t know if I am losing weight because I don’t believe in weighing in daily, but I feel less fat as the days go on.

Verdict: I think it’s working! Just having a much decreased appetite will help me lose weight over a period of time which is the healthiest anyhow!

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ACV Challenge Day 3

Today has come and gone, and I was good about drinking my acv. I drank it three times, but decided to do what my husband did and that is the 1 TBSP each of the apple cider vinegar, the lemon juice and the honey. This time however, I also added 1/2 to 1 TSP of cinnamon each time.

The fact that there was less ingredients and less volume to drink, it actually enabled me to toss the fat burning drink back like an alcoholic beverage shot. Literally I felt like I was taking shots of alcohol each time I did it, but it actually was much easier than say a shot of tequila! The acv burned all the way down to the stomach though even though I washed it down with a cup of water. I’m not sure how good that is for the esophagus, but for now it is the easiest way to get my acv fat burning drink in my body to kill off those pesky fat cells!

I also ate well today, it was easy to stay away from snacks. My appetite was just normal. No cravings and longer periods of time between thinking about eating, and my stomach actually growled a few times and it didn’t bother me!

Verdict: So far so good. Like I said yesterday the tummy and muffin top seems to be receding, and I still feel like that today. I hope I can keep this up! It’s not as bad as I thought it would be and I feel like I am getting results.

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ACV Challenge Day 2

I am on day two of the acv (apple cider vinegar) challenge. I decided to try this for 7 days before I really see if I feel like it is working.

I am also dieting to a certain extent by eating smart, and counting my calories. With the calories I’m not really shooting to stay under a certain amount, but just trying to be really conscious of adding the calories in my head. I did this yesterday as well. So far so good.

I tried a different approach with ACV today in that I drank it mixed in regular tea with sweet n low. Maybe that sounds gross, but that’s what I drink often anyhow, and since it is calorie free I figured it was a good move. The tea just tasted amped up and more citrusy from the lemon juice and a hint sour from the acv. But once I started sipping I pretended it wasn’t there and went about my day. After that first glass, it was easier to down. I drank two of those acv drinks today. My husband drank his apple cider vinegar straight. Eww. He doesn’t know that I only gave him half the recipe with 1 TBSP of each ingredient in a cup. I would be afraid if I gave him the full dose he would drop out of the diet much faster.

To be clear though, when I make my apple cider vinegar fat burning drink the recipe is as follows:


2TBSPs Lemon Juice

1.5 TBSPSs Organic Honey

Verdict so far: I feel like my muffin top is slightly smaller. The bloating in the evening is not as much, and I felt less hungry all day. Maybe it’s in my head. We will see at the end of the 7 days. I am not weighing myself during this, only going by the way my clothes feel which means more to me than a scale.

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Weight Loss Journey Begins-ACV Challenge Day 1

Happy New Year! The time has come for me to start my blog to journal all of the struggles that come with trying to lose weight. I am determined that 2019 be a good year full of blessings, fun, and weight loss to boot!

To start with this morning I drank the apple cider vinegar concoction that I made using the recipe here. Wow, one sip in and I thought there is no way I can even drink 1 cup a day like this. I worried that doctoring the drink might interfere with the efficacy of the drink. Then I said the heck with it. Because really it’s either doctor the drink, or I knew acv would be a fail. I knew I couldn’t possibly drink apple cider vinegar every day.

So I broke down and added a water mix in flavor packet. I used the lemon tea flavor one from Walmart and added a little extra honey (close to 2 tbsps). I was really surprised at how the lemon tea really covered up the taste, and I also got a hint of honey after taste. Looks like I can probably do this at least twice a day. Even my husband will be able to stick to this since we will be going through this journey together. Stay tuned to find out!

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