Ephedra has long been a way for people to lose weight when they need energy and loss of appetite.  If used properly and in small amounts it can really decrease your appetite, thereby allowing you to have a lot lighter calorie intake. Ephedra extract is a derivative of the ancient Chinese herb named Ma Huang.

Ma Huang has been used to treat other health conditions such as asthma, nose and lung congestion. While ephedrine based supplements are illegal to sell in the U.S., sale of products containing ephedra extract not containing ephedrine remain legal.

Ephedra extract can help you lose weight because there is only one pill to take daily, it increases your metabolism and lowers your appetite. It will give your similar effects of a stimulant prescription weight loss pill like phentermine, but it is not necessary to have a prescription.

If you want to buy ephedra based products you can try here. (We are not affiliated with them in anyway)

(Please note, excessive use of ephedra products can cause dizziness, irregular heartbeat, seizures, strokes and death. It should not be used in combination with any stimulant such as caffeine. Use at your own risk.)

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