The Keto Diet

If you haven’t heard about the keto diet yet then you have obviously been living under a rock. The extremely popular keto diet burns fat instead of carbs. The data is correct in that you will definitely lose weight on this diet, however the final verdit is not out yet about long term dieting with keto.

There have been people who have been cured of many diseases by staying on the keto diet. Starving your cells of artificial sugar seems to help ward off cancer and many other diseases. But, what are the consequences of long term heavy fat and cholesterol consumption? Does it greatly increase heart disease? It will probably take many years before we can know for sure if the keto diet is really safe. For now, we embrace it when we need to lose tummy fat in a quick way.

If you like all types of foods and aren’t picky, then it will be easy for you to stay on the keto diet. Just remove all bread/rice/pasta/processed food/sugar. Eat protein and fat with every meal. Stay away from soda and alcohol initially in the first few weeks.
There are many diet plans on Pinterest that will show you exactly how and what to eat on the keto diet. They even have meal planning for every day of the week for prep ahead. That would make it super easy for anyone to get started.
It’s a matter of putting your mind to it. The results are quick and you can lose 25-35 lbs in a month!

Some of the foods you can eat or very similar to what you would normally eat. Like for instance for dessert you can make a trifle of berries with
keto pound cake layered with strawberries and blueberries, and
sugar free whipped cream,

The best part about the keto diet is you don’t have to feel guilty if you eat more than you should when it is keto friendly! You can always feel full and not count every calorie. And after you have been on the diet a few weeks you will feel much more energized and overall better.

There are tons of recipes to make substitutions for bread, crackers ,chips, and desserts. In fact the keto bombs that are advertised all over Pinterest are recommended to eat to kick start your fat burning.

Check out these awesome pins to find plenty of keto recipes, keto bombs, keto friendly meals, and keto guidelines. Follow me on Pinterest.

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