I once read an article that talked about the power of positivity in weight loss. There were some studies done on two groups trying to lose weight. People in the first group told themselves on a daily basis that they were losing weight and looking better (neither group used a scale). They could ‘feel’ that there was less fat. They focused on how well their clothes fit and even if there wasn’t much difference they told themselves there was.

Then there was the other group who didn’t do this. Both groups were very focused on losing weight.

It turns out that the power of positivity actually can help you get what you want. You are putting it out there in the universe than you are skinnier and therefore you will get what you want. That group actually had a good bit more weight loss than the group who didn’t talk to themselves daily about how they felt skinnier.

So of course, I talk to myself everyday about it. Like I have said before, I just don’t get on a scale much when I am trying to lose weight. It gets so obssessive for me and I will tend to waver if I try so hard and see only a 2 pound weight loss. It kills your spirit each time you do that.

I highly recommend positivity toward your weight loss goals! If you are struggling, then just keep trying! Daily affirmations are the best.

Say ” I feel a bit skinnier today.”, “Yes, the diet is working!”, “I can tell I’m getting smaller” Anything. Say it out loud to yourself so that the universe can hear you as well.

Doing this daily will boost your morale when it comes to losing weight and getting healthier. You start your day while driving saying positive affirmations to yourself, and you are much more likely to stay on a weight loss plan.

Tell yourself your diet is working. Then just try hard. And don’t get on a scale for weeks at a time, if even that!

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