What is a Tummy Wrap?

A tummy wrap is a type of paper with special fragrant botanical lotion infused in it that you put on your tummy. Actually, you can use the wrap on other parts of your body like your arms and legs as well. Any place that might need some contouring. Some have tried even their neck.

For best results it is preferable to wear it under binding clothes or even cellophane. Tummy wraps are big these days because they actually work at making your tummy smaller. Combine a tummy wrap with eating right and exercising, and you could come away with tighter, firmer feeling skin.

The idea behind the wrap is that the botanicals in the wrap will get into your skin and help push water out of your cells. The company It Works sells a good deal of these wraps. They are easy to use and made of fragrant botanical herbs.


How To Make Your Own Shrink Tummy Wrap at Home


Here are some pics that great results achieved with a wrap.


Whether it really works that well is probably more subjective and different for each person.

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