Yoga is an awesome way to shrink your tummy! So many muscles are used in yoga. Most yoga poses force your body to include the abdominal muscles. If you take time out to do yoga everyday you will start to notice how much more flexible you are and how much easier it is to move. You will get stronger and build muscle in areas that you forgot had muscles.


Yoga is also the most important thing you can do to take a break from life. Combine it with meditation  at the same time and you will have a blissful experience. Just getting down on the ground can relax and center you. Put on some relaxing yoga music or just do deep breathing while you do yoga.

All of this can really effect the way your body feels. Just the relaxation of stretching your body during yoga is so calming overall. And if you don’t want to worry with each yoga pose, make up your own ways of stretching that you know you feel are building muscle.

Or how about bed yoga? This picture shows perfect back stretches to do while laying in bed. Add a few extra stretches or yoga poses on the bed for a comfy workout. Anyone can do that while they watch tv!

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