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How to lose weight in your stomach and hips in two weeks

It’s easy to shrink your tummy in as little as 2 weeks with this extremely simple plan.

  1. Do 100 crunches a day minimum. Side crunches are the fastest way to see results!
  2. Use stretchy bands daily; the kind that go over the door.
  3. Keep a calorie diet book. Look at it as the day goes on or keep track in your head. Stay under 1200-1500 cals/day for women and 1500-2000 for men. Easy to do when you are conscious of what you are actually eating. No special diet required if you can be consistently in a lower calorie/day range.
  4. Try the keto diet. You can eat all the proteins you want. For carbs you can make your own crackers, bread and sweets out of nut flours and such. This diet works for everyone and it’s fast with results.

If you cheat, don’t throw in the towel for the whole day. Instead think of how you can create more activity and less calories for the next day. Get any processed foods out of your house.

And most importantly weigh yourself only weekly, or better yet, twice a month. Remember as gross as it is, this 1 lb blob of fat cannot possibly be burned up in 1 -2 days. It takes the slow burning of fat over a period of time.


It’s not like you are going to quit, right? You are determined to shrink your tummy right? So why does it matter what the numbers say? Focus on noticing how you feel slimmer each day instead. It is much more inspiring to help you with weight loss.

There are over the counter weight loss supplements that you can take to help shrink your tummy and lose weight.  But, which are the best out there? There’s no question that each of the supplements has a way of helping you lose weight.

The problem most people have is that they don’t continue to try the supplements. They take them for a week and “nothing happens” according to their mind, so they just stop. The problem with judging so quickly is that these people are wanting a miracle quick fix cure. Weight lose is an on going battle. You must stay committed to keep trying to shrink your tummy. So if one weight loss supplement doesn’t work after you have tried a whole bottle in earnest, then move on to something else.

Check out all the supplements we have investigated.

Remember, the worst thing you can do is weigh yourself every day. Water weight, what you have eaten, what is left in your bowels, etc changes every day and is not reflective of overall weight loss. You must be Patient!! Weight loss of 1-2 pounds a week is the best way to continue to lose weight. I recommend weighing once a month.

An easy way to feel better about if you are shrinking your tummy or not is to put on a pair of tight jeans. Gauge how they fit as the days go on. Are they getting easier to button? If so, convince yourself that you are going to keep trying and that what you are doing is working. Don’t ever give up!


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